Matthew Graves, the owner of WebBizInsider, has launched a new traffic exchange called TopTierTraffic. This brand new TE uses a clean layout that reminds me of PayPal and features an interesting surfing ladder system, similar to the one seen in TrafficPods or LinkCrews. The more you surf, the higher your Position is, and the more Virtual Referrals you get placed under you.

Here’s a little excerpt from the TopTierTraffic member area that explains the whole thing:

It all starts with Position Points. Like all traffic exchanges, you earn Traffic Credits by surfing other member’s websites using the surfbar. However, at TopTierTraffic, being an active participant in our community also earns you Position Points. Every action you do that helps other members, or helps build the community, will earn you Position Points. Surfing, clicking Text Ads and Banners, reading upline emails from other members and clicking their links inside, referring new members, even just showing your referral page, can all earn Position Points. This gives all the members a great incentive for being active in our community.

What do you do with Position Points? Well that is where the fun comes in. Each week, every member starts with 0 position points and they try to earn as many as possible so they can get to the top of the Weekly Position Point Leaderboard. The higher you are on the Leaderboard, the more members you get in your Virtual Downline for the following week. It is a forced matrix where the order is mixed up every week.

Midnight Sunday night, the point counters are set back to zero and everyone gets to hear about how many members are in their virutal downline for the next week. Your virtual downline works just like a multilevel real downline. You can email them once that week and you earn referral credits whenever they surf … SIX LEVELS DEEP!

It is a fast-growing (mainly thanks to the members joining straight from WebBizInsider) traffic exchange that is sure to be among the industry leaders in the future. You can join now and enjoy the one-time premium mebership offer as well as be one of the first to signup. The exchange is in pre-launch phase and even the surfing isn’t enabled yet as I’m typing this. I only hope that TopTierTraffic will also have a more secure surfbar than WebBizinsider currenly does.