Best Manual Traffic Exchange List

LeadsLeap 5 0.5 Sell extra credits for cash. Link tracker, list manager, page builder and other free marketing tools.
EasyHits4U 20 1 World's largest exchange with 1.8M members. Site & banner geotargeting, 24-hour unique traffic.
CashClicking 9 0.5 Use your credits to advertise or sell them on the marketplace. Up to 30% cash commissions.
Infinity Traffic Boost 15 0.5 Earn Bitcoin by surfing. Up to 80% commissions. Buy or sell credits for BTC in auctions.
Easy Online Advertising 8 0.5 Get 1,000 credits after surfing 50 sites. VTG, Food Game, and Lost In Ad Spaces rewards.
Submit Ads 4 Free 7 0.5 Traffic co-op, permanently free text ads, banner advertising. Earn credits from five referral levels.
Finest Traffic 7 0.5 Earn cash by surfing Finest Traffic and other participating exchanges. Huge downline builder.
Traffic-Splash 6 0.3 Core part of CommandoSurf bonus program. Up to 20% cash commissions. Daily login bonus.
TrafficAdBĐ°r 10 * Unique ladder system that delivers massive traffic to the most active members. Text ad exchange.
TrafficG 12 1 Highly unique visitors, geotargeting, popular banner exchange, 2:1 traffic co-op. Monthly referral contests.
Hungry For Hits 8 0.5 Up to 40% commissions. Top Promoter contest with cash prizes. Premium Food Game participant.
TrafficSwarm 20 - One of the largest exchanges online. Surf by clicking text ads. Target by location, time, mobile or desktop.
Webmaster Quest 10 1 Geotargeting, detailed traffic statistics, banner and text ad impressions. Play card games for credits.
6 Second Surfing Club 6 0.5 Daily top 5 surfing competition and monthly referral contest with cash and credit rewards.
Lion Hits 8 0.5 Monthly competitions with cash and credit prizes. Collect Diamonds in Viral Traffic Games every week.
Tiger Hits 8 0.5 Monthly competitions with cash and credit prizes. Collect Diamonds in Viral Traffic Games every week.
Jungle Clicks Traffic 6 0.5 VTG, Food Game, HFH Ember, and Diamond Hunting Games rewards. Monthly contests with cash prizes.
Shruthi Hits 6 0.5 Daily top surfer contest with cash prizes. VTG, Food Game, Finest Traffic, and Lost in Ad Spaces rewards.
Fast n Furious Traffic 8 0.5 Viral Traffic Games, Diamond Hunting, and Food Game rewards. Double credits every Sunday.
HotFlashHits 8 0.3 Main site of Hullabaloo game at TeHeadquarters. Collect Embers by surfing participating exchanges.
Actual Hits 4U 8 0.3 Integrated traffic co-op. Up to 35% cash commissions.
Members Rule 10 0.4 Pays $0.05 per 100 pages surfed to all members.
Tezzers 8 0.4 Cash and credit surfing prizes, up to 50% commissions from referral purchases.
Hit2Hit 6 0.5 Rotates upgraded member sites in 20+ traffic exchanges.
ClickVoyager 6 0.2 Free 7-day Silver upgrade for surfing 250 sites on Sundays.

Tips for Using Manual Traffic Exchanges

Advertising a busy, cluttered website in traffic exchanges directly isn’t a good idea. You could end up sending thousands of hits without any results! Here are some tips on how to utilize TE traffic more effectively:

  • Use simple splash pages provided by traffic exchanges to build your downlines. They load quickly and are designed to grab the surfers’ attention in those short seconds before they click on to the next site. If you’re a member of many different exchanges, use a rotator to promote all of them with a single URL.
  • Design your own splash or squeeze pages using a free service like EasySplashBuilder. A custom splash page will be much more effective than a default one that most surfers have already seen thousands of times. EasySplashBuilder also tracks the performance of your pages, allowing you to focus your promotional efforts on the ones with the highest click-through rate.
  • Earn text ad impressions with every view while promoting your splash page. Adsvert is a quality text ad exchange which allows traffic from manual TEs. You can place their ad code on a splash page that you designed yourself, or even use the “floating” ad with any URL without the need to modify the website code. Click here for more good banner and text ad exchanges that you can use in TEs.
  • Sell your credits if you prefer a guaranteed way of converting traffic to cash. LeadsLeap is the only major traffic exchange that allows you to do this with their “Credit Encashment” feature. You can also make money by sending manual TE or PTC hits to your LeadsLeap co-op link.
  • Geotarget traffic from any exchange with JoeGeo. Choose which links to show to which countries, and sell the remaining traffic for cash. You set the price, and any unsold traffic will be sent to your sites instead. Use coupon code “GEOSPECIAL” for a 60% discount on the upgraded membership!
  • Get a crypto wallet. More and more traffic exchanges turn to cryptocurrency to avoid payment processor troubles, and to receive cashouts from them, you need a Bitcoin wallet address. Likewise, if you wish to purchase advertising, you first need to buy some crypto. With Binance you can do all that and more: receive, send, buy, and sell popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum in seconds.