Best Autosurf List

9Hits * 0.75 Custom timer, referer, user agent. Target by country, platform (desktop or mobile), time of day. Site macros.
CustomHits * 1 Custom timer, automatic site approval. Upgraded members can target traffic by location and gender.
eBesucher * 0.8 Customizable timer and delivery rate, geotargeting. Can sell credits for cash. Multi-language site.
Ant Autosurf 12 0.8 Get paid for surfing in crypto (Litecoin or Zero) with no minimum. Paid-to-click ads with higher rewards.
BigHits4U * 0.7 Custom HTTP referer, visit duration, geotargeting, bounce rate. Viewer app with multiple sessions allowed.
Otohits * 0.9 Custom timer, HTTP referer, geolocation. Surfing through application only.
10KHits * 0.8 Surf in browser or special exchanger app. Upgraded members get geotargeting and custom traffic sources.
Klixion 10 0.5 Surf in browser or a special viewer application.
Nice-Autosurf * 1 Surf in special app or browser. Anonymous referer, custom visit length, banner & text link advertising, daily bonuses.
FeelingSurf * 0.7 Custom visit length, geotargeting, anonymous or custom traffic source. Surfing through their app only.
Gr8AutoSurf 11 1 Banner, text, and PTC ads. 10% cash commissions for free members and up to 30% for upgraded.
Maga Traffic 11 1 Banner, text, and PTC ads. Surf without logging in.
OffGridTraffic 11 1 Banner, text, and PTC ads. Surf without logging in.
WebSyndic * 0.8 Custom timer, geotargeting, multiple session surfing.
WebHit * 0.6 Custom timer and 24-hour unique visitors. Upgraded members get custom referer and geotargeting.
TE Hitz 10 .5 Frameless surfing. Also offers PTC that pays per click.
Nols-o-surf * 1 Anonymous referer, custom visit length, bounce rate reduction. Surf through special app only.
NetVisiteurs * 1 Surf in app or browser. Anonymous referer, option to get 24-hour unique visitors, bounce rate reduction.
TurboXtraffic 10 0.5 Autosurf with PTC and banner advertising. 15 0.5 Czech site with auto, manual, and paid surfing. Sell & buy credits, promote videos, and get Facebook likes.
RedSurf * 0.5 Russian autosurf with custom HTTP referer, variable visit length, geotargeting, and dedicated surfing app.
LiveSurf * 0.5 Russian site with custom referer and a surfing app.
Kingsurf 20 0.5 German autosurf with multi-site surfbar and credit jackpots. 30 0.7 German autosurf with five referral levels.
Le1er 10 0.5 French autosurf with referral and surfing contests.

Tips for Monetizing Autosurf Traffic

You should take a slightly different approach when using autosurfs. Splash pages still work, but with a much lower clickthrough rate than in manual exchanges. Here are some useful tips:

  • Earn banner impressions with every view. Since autosurfs deliver massive amounts of hits, you can rake in those impressions and get your banners shown all over the web! Here are some great banner exchanges. Create a splash page promoting your favorite opportunity and place the banner code in a visible location. Even if most visitors won’t see your site, you’ll still earn banner views.
  • Earn credits for promoting your referral links. Exchanges like ClickVoyager give you points for showing your referral URL. Using autosurfs is an easy way to earn credits without clicking!
  • Convert credits to banner impressions directly. It is possible to do this at Nice-Autosurf and many other TEs. You might be surprised, but my banners there actually get great clickthrough rates! This is because they are displayed not only on the surfbar, but in the member area as well. As such, they’re seen by members who log in to add sites, claim surf rewards, and assign credits.
  • Splash pages still work, and even though the CTR is lower, some people still see your site (when launching and closing the surfbar, watching for bonus links, and so on). I promote this very list in autosurfs and get signups from it all the time! The key is driving as much traffic as possible. Since you don’t have to click, there’s nothing stopping you from running 20 or more auto surfs simultaneously.