RedStagHits Review

It has been a while since I’ve joined a newly-launched traffic exchange, but seeing Red Stag Hits promoted all over the place made me give in. I have now used the site for about two weeks, and I have a good general impression about it.

First, let’s get the basic information out of the way. The exchange is owned by Debbie Nicholson, and uses a modern LFMTE script with a bunch of mods. They have ViralTrafficGames, Zubees (including the Emerald Hunter game), and CTP badges. The site loads nice and fast most all the time, although I’ve experienced some hiccups a few days ago, so it’s not quite as rock-solid as EasyHits4U or other giants. At the time of writing, the exchange has about 2,000 members.

One of the best aspects of RedStagHits is the ability to earn cash even as a free member and without referring anyone. I’ve listed all the ways for easier reading:

  • Surf4Cash: very straightforward, it simply pays you $0.01 to $0.05 (if upgraded) for every 200 pages you surf.
  • Average Surf: surf the required number of pages (around 350 right now) and claim tickets to get up to $0.04 daily, $0.15 weekly, and $0.75 monthly rewards. Earnings are lower for free members though.
  • Face an Opponent: this can net you another $0.05 every day with the highest White Stag upgrade.
  • Team Surfing: weekly rewards which can go as high as $1 for every member (first place) and all the way down to $0.05 (10th place), regardless of membership level. Make sure to join a team if you surf a lot.
  • Icons and Trophies: a basic collection game which will earn you a few cents depending on your membership level.
  • Surf Codes: watch the chat for that day’s code and surf the needed amount for a modest bonus.

Finally, the weekly Jackpot also has potential, with up to $50 shared among the top 25 members:

RedStagHits Jackpot

None of these will make you rich, of course, but reaching the minimum payout just by surfing is not outside the realm of possibility. From the perspective of a marketer, cash bonuses are also great, because they keep the members surfing and your sites getting seen. Speaking of which, here are my conversion rates according to


The click rate (0.25%) appears low because I’m using default splash pages in this rotator, and they convert very poorly in general (I swear no one clicks my ParagonTraffic splash page anymore). When compared to what I’m getting from other traffic exchanges, however, this result is actually among the best, only beat by the likes of EasyHits4U and SocialAdSurf. This is not unexpected, as early members also tend to be the most active and curious.

So RSH seems to have relatively good conversion rates, what else? Well, the low 37% uniqueness is also as expected, considering the site only has about 2,000 surfers right now. If that’s a concern to you as a promoter, you can always add your co-op link there, and get advertised to a much wider audience in return.

All-in-all RedStagHits is a great traffic exchange with above-average conversion rates, generous cash bonuses which keep people surfing, and integration with the most popular TE add-ons like VTG and Zubee Zone. And while the surfing rewards alone won’t make you rich, you can always grab a White Stag upgrade from the OTO you’ll see right after signing up and earn some sweet 40% cash commissions.