HitSafari Moving to LJScripts Software

If you are a member, you probably already know that HitSafari made a switch to a traffic exchange script from LJScripts. I’ve been very impressed so far, since they managed to transfer all the websites, banners and downlines to the new database without problems. The current script of HitSafari is widely used by a big number of other traffic exchanges, so it’s a proven one; plus, it has a lot of features that the old HitSafari didn’t have.

There still are a few things that you need to do, however. First, you will need to sort out your sites: there’s a new 5 site limit imposed upon free members (you were allowed more before – I had to delete one of mine), and you will also need to set autoassign rules for each site separately. Second, the format of the referral URL has been changed from this:


To this:


I’m not sure whether they will redirect old referrals URLs to new ones after they’re completely finished with the transfer. At any rate, they haven’t been working for days, so I just changed them all to the new format in order not to lose any referral credit – you should, too!