BlogClicker is Back

I would like to share the news that BlogClicker, a quality blog-only traffic exchange from the owners of TrafficG, is back to business. So if you have a blog, go ahead: register, add, surf, and get more visitors and readers. It’s that simple – and even the blog approval is instant! (The exchange was just re-launched, so there might be bad leftover sites – but don’t worry, they are getting weeded out bit by bit).

BlogClicker making a comeback is a welcome news indeed, since there’s a lack of traffic exchanges for blogs. BlogExplosion is the only one that’s functioning and sending traffic, although no one knows where the admins are, and the site approval takes a very long time. BlogSoldiers is as good as dead for now (delivering 1 hit a week or so), and the destiny of BlogMad is unknown: it’s been in beta for a year, and doesn’t answer any support e-mails. As it is, from blog exchangs I can only recommend joining the reloaded BlogClicker, and BlogExplosion if you’re patient.