Earn Rewards with The Food Game

From the talented owners of Finest Traffic and HungryForHits comes a fun new program: The Food Game. Similarly to ViralTrafficGames, it rewards those surfing participating traffic exchanges with cash and advertising.

Starting out is very simple:

  • Sign up at the Food Game
  • Enter your referral IDs (if you use the same email everywhere, click the “Fill” button to populate them automatically)
  • Surf participating TEs and click the “Play” icon when it appears on the surfbar
  • Cook food, get on the leaderboard, and win prizes every week

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How to Earn on Finest Traffic

Finest Traffic is the only program that pays for surfing different traffic exchanges, which is why it’s at the top of my bonus program list. It offers other ways to earn, including referring members who upgrade or purchase advertising, but I’ll focus on its unique features: the weekly Points Pool and the Challenge.

Points Pool

The Points Pool is straightforward: for every 50 sites surfed at participating TEs (including Finest Traffic itself) you earn one point. The points are updated automatically every hour – there’s no need to claim anything. Users are ranked by their point balance that can be viewed by clicking Points Pool > User Ranking:

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Traffic Exchanges That Allow Rotate4All PTP

Rotate4All is one of the best-known and steadily paying PTP programs which accepts traffic from manual TEs and other sources like PTC sites. Unfortunately, not that many large traffic exchanges allow PTPs in rotation, even if it’s clean and legitimate like Rotate4All.

With that in mind, here’s my list of the top traffic exchanges to help you earn with Rotate4All:

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Earn Cash Surfing Top Traffic Exchanges

An exciting new rewards program for TE surfers has just launched. Called Finest Traffic, it pays cash for surfing MembersRule, HungryForHits, and many other top exchanges.

Simply sign up at Finest Traffic using the same email address you did for other TEs, and surf them like you usually do. Points will automatically accrue in your Finest Traffic account – one per 50 sites surfed at participating exchanges – which will then be converted to cash at the end of every week. It’s that simple!

It won’t make you rich, but it will help you earn a little extra for something you’re already doing anyway, so why not give Finest Traffic a try?

MembersRule Is the New SmileyTraffic

As members of the former SmileyTraffic know, the site underwent a complete redesign back in August. It is now called MembersRule, a quality manual-only exchange that runs on a modern LFMTE script. While it no longer pays $0.03 per 100 sites clicked, there are new ways to earn which make the income potential even higher. Earning cash is what most TE surfers are interested in, so here are the ways to do that at MembersRule:

  • Daily surf reward (currently $0.02 after clicking 250 sites)
  • Average surf rewards (weekly & monthly pay cash)
  • Random cash prize pages
  • Top promoter contest (bi-weekly)
  • Top recruiter contest (monthly)
  • Cash for each referral ($0.10 to $0.25)
  • Cash commissions (5% to 45%)
  • Revenue sharing with Owner upgrade*

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