Traffic Exchanges That Allow Rotate4All PTP

Rotate4All is one of the best-known and steadily paying PTP programs which accepts traffic from manual TEs and other sources like PTC sites. Unfortunately, not that many large traffic exchanges allow PTPs in rotation, even if it’s clean and legitimate like Rotate4All.

With that in mind, here’s my list of the top traffic exchanges to help you earn with Rotate4All:

By “top” I mean exchanges with a reasonably low percentage of invalid traffic, as is the case with all the TEs listed above. Some other traffic exchanges might accept Rotate4All, but promoting it there is meaningless if more than half of the hits are discarded as invalid.

Lastly, do I recommend Rotate4All? Yes and no. I firmly believe that the earning potential of promoting affiliate programs is much higher. However, PTP is a simple and predictable way to earn with a guarantee of converting your credits into money, which makes it an appealing – if not highly profitable – option.