RankBoostup.com Is a Scam

I write is as a warning to anyone looking for autosurfs to use: RankBoostup is a scam. They owe me $1,408.50 in commissions. The site claims that “You can expect to receive your money within 10 working days”, yet my payout request has been pending for years, and my emails to support have been ignored.

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Autosurfs with Geotargeting

Traffic exchanges get members from all over the globe, and those members often want to promote their businesses to a local audience. Thus geotargeting is a useful feature to have. A couple years ago I compiled a list of manual exchanges with geotargeting. It remains relevant today as its comprised of industry leaders like EasyHits4U which have been operating for over a decade. This time I’ll be looking at automatic traffic exchanges which also boast this feature.

To begin with, here are the most popular autosurfs whose sites are available in English (and sometimes additional languages). Geotargeting is free unless stated otherwise:

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Block Browser Cryptocurrency Mining Through Hosts File

A recent trend I noticed in traffic exchanges – particularly autosurfs – is sites loaded with web miners. These are scripts which utilize your computer’s CPU power to “mine” cryptocurrency. They are usually not viruses, and closing the offending site is enough to stop the mining process and the associated CPU usage spike – however, they still stall the traffic exchange’s timer and make your computer unresponsive.

Blocking browser mining is necessary for smooth TE surfing. Before we proceed, there are two points I want to make:

  • Web miners are against the rules of every TE I’m a member of, whether auto or manual. How quickly they get removed from rotation depends on the team behind that particular exchange – if they employ moderators or run automated site checking which detects malicious scripts, it’ll happen sooner. Point is, there’s no problem with TEs themselves, just a few people who are looking to exploit them.
  • If you use NoScript, like I suggest in my surfing tips, you are already protected. As web miners are essentially clever pieces of JavaScript, NoScript will happily block them just like everything else.

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Automating Autosurfs: Make Them 100% Passive

One of the main concerns people have about autosurfs is whether they’re worth their time. Certainly, if you have to “babysit” your browser and restart things manually every few hours, it becomes a chore, and low earnings when you’re just starting out don’t help you stay motivated, either. But the main benefit of autosurfing is that it can be completely passive and work even when you’re away from the computer. That’s why you should spend some time automating the whole thing. Then you can sit back and relax, and let automatic traffic exchanges do the work for you.

I have already described a way to launch “no-login” surfbars all at once by setting them as Firefox home page in the Surfing Tips section. Now I’m going to show you one of the ways to set up automatic restarting for your browser, so your PC can run autosurfs for weeks or months with no supervision whatsoever.

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How to Make Money with Autosurfs

Many people new to autosurfs join a few sites, surf them for a while, and then leave because they don’t know how to actually turn their traffic into money. Manual TEs also have a similar problem, but at least there’s numerous guides and advice available online about monetizing traffic from those (e.g. “use your credits to build a list”). With this in mind, I wrote the following post on the top 5 ways to make money by autosurfing.

Please note that only legitimate automatic traffic exchanges are listed here. So-called “investment autosurfs” are nothing more but ponzi schemes, and should be avoided. In addition, please remember not to use autosurfs with any ad networks like AdSense – build a basic splash page instead.

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