Autosurfs with Geotargeting

Traffic exchanges get members from all over the globe, and those members often want to promote their businesses to a local audience. Thus geotargeting is a useful feature to have. A couple years ago I compiled a list of manual exchanges with geotargeting. It remains relevant today as its comprised of industry leaders like EasyHits4U which have been operating for over a decade. This time I’ll be looking at automatic traffic exchanges which also boast this feature.

To begin with, here are the most popular autosurfs whose sites are available in English (and sometimes additional languages). Geotargeting is free unless stated otherwise:

Next up, there’s Russian autosurfs which I’m posting as separate group because not everyone wants to go through the trouble of using Google Translate. These all use a dedicated application for surfing rather than your regular web browser. Geotargeting is free in all cases, but limited to several largest countries and CIS states:

Lastly, here’s a short list of German autosurfs which all use the same script with limited geotargeting (20 largest countries or so). Unfortunately, the smaller exchanges might not be able to deliver a satisfactory number of hits from a specific country.

That’s it. While autosurfs have slightly different use cases than manual exchanges, geotargeting is still useful, and I hope this list will come in handy.