WebSurf.ru Review – an Autosurf with Custom HTTP Referers

Today I’ve added yet another autosurf to my ever-growing list of automatic traffic exchanges. This one deserves a special mention for numerous reasons. First of all, it’s a Russian site, so you’ll need some knowledge in the language (or just use Google Translate, it’s the 21st century after all). Getting traffic from all over the world and getting more unique IPs visiting your sites can be a very good thing, depending on what you promote. So don’t be afraid to use Russian, German, Spanish, etc. traffic exchanges, as you’ll be reaching a wider audience.

WebSurf offers quite a lot of advanced features, including custom timers (from 30 to 300 seconds), geotargeting (not all countries are available, only the most popular ones), and the option to show your site to 24-hour unique IPs only. But perhaps the most coveted feature is the custom HTTP referer option that WebSurf.ru has. Using this option is free (as in, you don’t have to upgrade) and you can actually add more than 1 referer site and WebSurf will cycle between them randomly. You can also hide referer altogether for “direct traffic”.

Surfing WebSurf.ru is a bit different than your usual autosurf in that it requires you to install a dedicated application, which is available in Russian and English languages. This allows the members to promote a much wider variety of sites which would normally break your usual surfbars. The software itself is very straightforward: just launch it, enter your email and password, login, and it will start rotating websites automatically. It is completely silent, doesn’t hang, and boasts some security features. Still, I run it in a sandbox (using Sandboxie) for additional security, and I suggest you do the same. Don’t forget to use an antivirus, either.