TrafficSpammer is Now HitLeap

One of my favorite autosurfs, TrafficSpammer, has changed its name to HitLeap. It still has the same great features (custom timer and hits per hour, option to hide the referer) plus it now functions like OxoSurf and similar TEs in that the site and the surfbar open in separate tabs. The main benefit of this system is that framebreakers will no longer interrupt your surfing, meaning you can use HitLeap to drive up the view counts on your Youtube videos and so on.

The good news for existing members of TS is that all links pointing to TrafficSpammer seem to redirect properly to HitLeap, so you won’t lose any signups. I do recommend replacing your old TrafficSpammer banners with new HitLeap ones though, as they use a new design and slogan.

Once again, I highly recommend TrafficSpammer / HitLeap as its the #1 traffic source to (according to AwStats), and they have also paid me over €500 in referral commissions. Joining HitLeap is free, and they have one the cleanest and most simple interface of all traffic exchanges I’ve ever seen.