Traffic Exchanges with Geotargeting

While geo-targeting is a rather useful feature for a traffic exchange, it seems it never really caught on in the TE industry. TrafficG, for example, introduced geotargeting several years ago, but even now you can almost count the sites which offer this feature on the fingers of one hand. Considering there are thousands of manual TEs out there, this is a very small number. Here’s the unfortunately short list of the ones I know:

On the bright side, all these exchanges have lots of members and can send hits relatively quick. But what if your favorite site, the one you bought a lifetime upgrade at and the one you surf every day, does not have the coveted geotargeting capabilities? As it happens, there are several solutions available.

First off, you have Explosive Traffic, an established traffic co-op where you earn credits by promoting your link in various TEs and then get geotargeted visitors back to your own website. While the co-op itself is free, geotargeting requires a (thankfully affordable) Pro upgrade or Geotargetting Add-On. The former will also lift limitations on the number of sites and banners you can advertise, and increase your credit earning rate to 1:1. As you might have guessed, this isn’t my favorite choice for geotargeting, but it might work for you.

Next, there’s the well-known tracker/rotator service, I’ve been using it for years and I love how it can track CTR even on third-party splash pages without having to add extra code. It offers geotargeting that works as follows: you add your rotator into whatever traffic exchanges you surf, and then choose which splash pages to show to which countries inside your members area. Unlike co-ops, there are no credit earning ratios – you get 100% of your traffic, which is then sent to different pages of your choice. The bad news is, this feature is only available in the more expensive Business plan, which carries a hefty price tag of $40 a month before discounts.

Last but definitely not least is my new favorite, JoeGeo. At its core, it is a geo rotator which, much like the aforementioned, lets you show different sites to different countries. Unlike, you can use it for free, and it’s not inferior in any way except for the fact that it won’t track your CTR automatically. JoeGeo offers a full country list, cash commissions, and multiple rotators (if upgraded). Speaking of which, the upgrade is significantly cheaper than the Business membership of, and at the time of writing you can even get a 60% discount using code “GEOSPECIAL“. But all that isn’t the main reason why JoeGeo is my favorite; you see, with this service you can not only geotarget your traffic, but also sell the hits from the countries you don’t need! Truly, the most direct way of converting traffic exchange hits into cash.