TE-JV Review

You see TE-JV ads more and more often on traffic exchanges these days, claiming they will send you visitors with no surfing required. So how does that work, exactly? At its core, TE-JV is a traffic co-op site, very similar in nature to ExplosiveTraffic which I reviewed earlier. You are given a “JV link” to promote in traffic exchanges. This will earn you credits which you’ll be able to use to promote your own sites. You will reach a wider audience this way, since TE-JV gets hits from hundreds of different exchanges.

Unlike ExplosiveTraffic, TE-JV offers geotargeting, which is a highly useful feature. They also give you an option to earn credits or cash by visiting and approving sites of other members. In addition, there’s a downline builder with some popular TEs and related programs listed.

All these things make the member area quite busy and overwhelming, but thankfully, there’s a guide to help new members out. All you really have to remember is that you promote your JV link in traffic exchanges (not through a rotator, but directly), earn credits for doing that, and assign them to your sites on TE-JV.

So what’s this about “no surfing required”? Indeed, I don’t know why the promo materials say that, when you do have to surf TEs to promote your link and earn credits – unless you pay or upgrade, that is! Speaking of upgrades, you will be given an OTO for a lifetime upgrade when you signup. I recommend taking it as it will provide you with 750 credits every month for life, not a bad deal at all.