SurfDuel Review – an Innovative Traffic Exchange

Most traffic exchanges online are based on the same model, which involves members surfing for credits and assigning them to their sites. The guys over at TechDime (the makers of BriskSurf) decided to change that, and released SurfDuel: a refreshingly simple traffic exchange with no credits and no surf timers.

Like its name suggests, this TE is based on the concept of surf duels. However, the one dueling isn’t you, but rather your site. As you surf the exchange, you are shown two webpages side-by-side: click the one you like better, and it is displayed full-screen. Sites most preferred by the members show up in the rotation more often; top 5 websites get showcased to all surfers the next day before all others (this part does have a 5 seconds timer).

Free members have to surf a reasonable 150 sites a day in order to get their site into the rotation. Upgraded members can add more sites and have to surf less (indeed, Platinum upgrade gives you traffic without surfing at all).

Time will show whether this odd TE will become popular, but it’s a good idea to join early and start growing your downline before anyone else. If you do decide to join SurfDuel, I have just two tips for you. First of all, grab the discount Platinum upgrade, as it delivers very nice traffic for the price. Second, make sure you use eye-catching splash pages that surfers will be more likely to select. My best page received 4 times more traffic than my worst one, so the difference can be huge!