QualityPageViews Review

QualityPageViews is a new manual traffic exchange from the owner of SmileyTraffic. The latter has long been one of my favorites (and one of the more profitable TEs on my list), so joining QPV was a no-brainer. The new site runs on LFMTE script with several mods. You have your basics like banner and text link conversion, free rotator, personalized splash pages, letter collection game, and downline builder. Then there’s also a few more original features: Average Surf rewards, ViralTrafficGames integration, Hangman game, and a Top Promoter contest.

The free membership offers a reasonable 0.4 surf ratio with a standard 10 second timer. This can be boosted to 1.5 credits per click and just 3 second timer with the QPV Extreme membership. The members homepage has a helpful table outlining the features of all three plans (free, Enterprise, and Extreme). The paid plans have a fixed cost and there aren’t any OTOs available., but you can save a little by paying for the whole year in advance.

There are several opportunities to earn cash at QualityPageViews. First of all, there’s the aforementioned Average Surf: click more sites than average (the number is usually around 100), and you earn some credits and impressions. Do this five times a week, and you get more credits plus $0.15. Finally, 22 Average Surf claims a month will net you $0.50. The cash rewards might not seem very large, but I’d estimate that you only have to surf around 3,000 sites to make $1.1 – slightly better than EasyHits4U.

Of course, the potential for more serious earnings is all in the downline. QPV pays a straight $0.15 bonus ($0.25 with the top upgrade) per active referral. In addition, you can also earn cash commissions – even free members make 10%, whereas upgraded ones get 20% and 40% with the Enterprise and Extreme memberships, respectively.

All-in-all, I believe promoting and surfing at QualityPageViews is a worthy investment of your time and effort. SmileyTraffic has been around for years and paid out over $161k to its members, so you can be sure that the owner of QPV knows what he’s doing. Join now and surf just 50 pages for your 50 credit and 500 impression bonus!