MembersRule Is the New SmileyTraffic

As members of the former SmileyTraffic know, the site underwent a complete redesign back in August. It is now called MembersRule, a quality manual-only exchange that runs on a modern LFMTE script. While it no longer pays $0.03 per 100 sites clicked, there are new ways to earn which make the income potential even higher. Earning cash is what most TE surfers are interested in, so here are the ways to do that at MembersRule:

  • Daily surf reward (currently $0.02 after clicking 250 sites)
  • Average surf rewards (weekly & monthly pay cash)
  • Random cash prize pages
  • Top promoter contest (bi-weekly)
  • Top recruiter contest (monthly)
  • Cash for each referral ($0.10 to $0.25)
  • Cash commissions (5% to 45%)
  • Revenue sharing with Owner upgrade*

*The highest level upgrade grants you a share of 5% of all sales the site generated that month. It is in no way an “investment”, just a bonus you get for being upgraded at the highest level. Last month the payout was $1.27 per Owner upgrade – consider it a way to earn back some of the upgrade’s cost.

Now, I said the income potential is higher at MembersRule than it was at SmileyTraffic, and the reason for that is commissions! 45% is one of the top rates in the industry, and it allowed me to earn back the cost of the Owner upgrade because my referrals also saw the value in upgrading.

Don’t get me wrong, your main goal should still be using MembersRule to get quality advertising for your products, sites, and referral links. Surfing just to collect the cash rewards isn’t worth it (although it is a nice incentive). Again, the top-level upgrade at MembersRule provides a massive 2 credits per click which is more than any other established TE of this size can offer. The credit-to-banner and credit-to-text conversion rates are also through the roof.

SmileyTraffic is one of the few TEs which has been around for over a decade, steadily paying commissions to its members. Every bit of effort I invested into promoting it has paid off immensely. After the redesign, it only became stronger and more up-to-date, integrating ViralTrafficGames, Hullabaloo, and other popular TE add-ons. If you are not a member yet, join MembersRule and start driving quality traffic to your sites and making money!