Make Money with LegacyResult

The traffic exchange world is abuzz with the launch of LegacyResult (aka LRUN), the newest site from the Legacy Team. I have already been using it for a few days and will share my impressions here.

At its core, LRUN is a traffic exchange, but that’s just a part of what the site offers. The TE itself is not very remarkable, although there’s a modern surfbar which doesn’t cover up the sites until the countdown is over, similar to the one in Traffic-Splash. The timer is 6 seconds for free members and 3 for upgraded, just like in other Legacy exchanges.

The first feature that sets LRUN apart is the command center which allows you to check your credits and commissions in all Legacy sites from one place. You could say LegacyResult is borrowing a page out of TECP’s book, although compared to TECP, the number of TEs you can track is much lower. On the bright site, connecting them doesn’t require typing in passwords – instead, simply enter your LRUN username in your Legacy site profiles.

The second feature is actually somewhat unique. We’ve all seen traffic co-ops which let you get visits from multiple TEs, but LegacyResult introduces a banner co-op. Every member is provided a banner image and site link which they can use in any traffic exchange to earn Banner Network credits. The links are actually dynamic and will load up a different member banner every time!

Last but not least is the paid-to-promote system. I did say “make money” in the title! The way PTP works is simple, you promote a special version of your LegacyResult referral link at select exchanges and mailers, and earn anywhere from $0.05 to $0.25 per 1,000 visitors (depending on the traffic source and whether you’re upgraded at LRUN or not). You are still promoting your own referral link, and getting paid regardless whether anyone signs up or not. And if you do get a referral, you will make 5% cash commissions as a free member, and 30% as an upgraded one.

Sign up at LegacyResult and start making easy money with their PTP system. The minimum cashout is just $2! Consider grabbing the OTO you’ll get after logging in for the first time, as it will significantly boost your PTP earnings and commission rate.