Lifetime Upgrade Sale at TimTech

You might have heard about it by now – the entire TE industry is abuzz about this crazy lifetime upgrade sale at TimTech TEs. And for a good reason: it’s not everyday that you can purchase such an upgrade at a top-rated exchange for just $47. If you hadn’t heard, the traffic exchanges in question are ILoveHits, ThumbVu, Sweeva, and StartXChange. ListNerds safelist is apparently also getting the same treatment.

I’ve personally used this chance to upgrade for life in all TEs where I hadn’t yet, and collect all of those awesome red snail badges at CTP. Now, this might seem like a pretty expensive deal compared to a monthly subscription, but I like to think about it as an investment which is going to benefit me for years to come. In exchanges which offer random referrals and monthly credits with the upgrade, it probably is going to pay for itself in under a year!

The bottom line is, if you’re serious about traffic exchange marketing, don’t miss this deal. You still have time until after the Labor Day, when it’s Tuesday morning in the US.