Legacy Team Coop Review

It seems traffic co-op sites are popping up one after another these days. The newest one is called Legacy Team Coop, and it’s growing very fast for being launched just a few days ago. Seeing how it’s owned by the same folks that run LegacyHits, you know it’s going to be a reliable and profitable program.

The way it works is the same as Explosive Traffic and TE-JV that I wrote about before: you promote your JV link (basically a massive rotator with other members’ sites) in traffic exchanges, and in turn, other members of LTC promote your websites. This allows you to show your promotional pages to surfers of TEs that you aren’t a member of. In addition, you can also promote banners and text links, although those have to be purchased for cash.

Just like with Explosive Traffic, at LTC you can view your traffic sources and block the ones you don’t like. Sources like autosurfs are, of course, banned automatically. This should result in high quality traffic. So far my credits are being used at a fast rate, and Trck.me shows I’m getting 71% unique hits.

Upgrades are quite affordable (starting from $3 a month) and give you higher earnings per view, monthly credits, as well as increased cash commissions. There’s also a pretty good OTO you’ll get once you login for the first time that I recommend taking.

If you plan on using a traffic co-op at all, I suggest joining Legacy Team Coop as soon as possible and start promoting! It’s always a lot easier to get referrals when the program is new.