Free Upgrades with PowerSurfCentral

PowerSurfCentral is a surf co-op which comprises of Soaring4Traffic, RealHitz4U, and HitSafari. By signing up at PSC and entering your traffic exchange IDs, you will be able to earn more advertising and even get free upgrades just by surfing.

First, you will get a straight 10% (30% if upgraded) credit bonus when surfing Soaring4Traffic, RealHitz4U, and HitSafari together. Surfing 100 pages a day at these three exchanges will give you 30 credits. Doing so for five days a week will give you 150 credits at each TE, and monthly rewards for surfing twenty days out of thirty are 500 credits!

So what about the free upgrades? You will need to surf 200 pages a day at each exchange and earn Power Points. Daily rewards are 100 points, weekly 500 points, and monthly 500 points again. You can also promote your PSC affiliate links at approved exchanges, and earn even more Power Points. 5,000 of these will convert to a one-month upgrade at either Soaring4Traffic, HitSafari, or RealHitz4U. They come with higher surf ratios, commissions, monthly credits, and even random referrals!

If you’re dedicated to surfing 200 pages a day at these three exchanges, you might as well go for 250, which will grant you Diamond Zubee Coins at RealHitz4U and HitSafari. Add DeepSeaHits to the mix, which gives a 100 credit bonus for surfing 250 pages at HitSafari (and vice-versa), and also has Diamond Coins.

To sum up, the minimum reward level is reached by surfing 100 pages at Soaring4Traffic, RealHitz4U, and HitSafari every day. You will earn extra credits, impressions, and also Silver and Gold Zubees. This is a good choice if you don’t have much time.

Serious surfers should go for ~250 pages at RealHitz4U, HitSafari,and DeepSeaHits (Soaring4Traffic can be finished at 200 since it has no Zubees). In addition to the aforementioned rewards, you will get even more credits, Diamond Zubees, and also Power Points which can be converted into free upgrades. To use your time effectively, stop once you reach the Diamond Zubee page (around 255 sites) and come back next day.