Fast Cash and Traffic Review

Fast Cash and Traffic (or FCAT for short) is a pretty new traffic exchange based on the popular LFMTE script. It is also a part of TE Profits downline builder, which is one of the main reasons I’ve joined.

FCAT is a simple and straightforward traffic exchange. It offers a 15 second timer, 2:1 surf ratio, one-click mass credit assign function, cash commissions, and banner advertising. They also have a downline builder with some popular marketing resources like TrafficWave.

One of the more interesting features of FCAT is login ads. When you login to the members area of Fast Cash and Traffic, you will occasionally be shown a full-page login ad. These cost 5 credits and are a nice way to get your sites seen. Choosing which of your sites will get login ads is as simple as putting a checkmark next to it.

What really sets FCAT aside from other traffic exchanges is their highly affordable upgrades. Silver membership is just $1.75 a month and gives you 125 monthly credits and 50% commissions. Gold is only $3.95 / mo and gives you 65% commissions and 250 bonus hits a month. Furthermore, if you take the One-Time Offer when you signup, you can grab the yearly Gold membership for just $25. It’s really amazing, considering some exchanges charge you that much for just one month!

Another important thing to point out is that FCAT only allows upgraded members to surf. This ensures that your ads are seen by real buyers. (Free members can still surf during Fridays). One downside of this is that the credits are being used pretty slowly. That’s understandable, however, since the site doesn’t have many members yet. Hopefully credit usage will speed up soon, as more members join via TE Profits and other sources. In the meantime, you can convert your credits to banner impressions.

Join Fast Cash and Traffic and try it out – and if you have $25 to spare, I strongly recommend making use of their Gold membership OTO.