Everve: a Social Media Exchange

Social media is very popular these days, and there’s a constant competition for likes and follows. Everve can give you an edge over your competitors. With this exchange, you can get views for your website or Youtube video, as well as exposure on the following social networks:

  • Instagram
  • reddit
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Telegram

Conversely, instead of paying for exposure, you can also use your social media accounts to make money!

Unlike in other traffic exchanges, there are no credits. You simply earn cash for each task you perform, and spend account balance on each advertising campaign you run.

To get started, sign up at Everve with your Google account. Click Perform Tasks and select Traffic Exchange. Click on any available website; it will open in a new tab, while the original tab will display a 30-second countdown. After 30 seconds have passed, close the website tab and receive your reward.