Earn Rewards with The Food Game

From the talented owners of Finest Traffic and HungryForHits comes a fun new program: The Food Game. Similarly to ViralTrafficGames, it rewards those surfing participating traffic exchanges with cash and advertising.

Starting out is very simple:

  • Sign up at the Food Game
  • Enter your referral IDs (if you use the same email everywhere, click the “Fill” button to populate them automatically)
  • Surf participating TEs and click the “Play” icon when it appears on the surfbar
  • Cook food, get on the leaderboard, and win prizes every week

That’s the gist of it, but I highly recommend you read the tutorial that is given inside the members area. Not only it explains everything in greater detail but also rewards you with ingredients and cooking vouchers to help you cook your first recipe.

The list of free and premium partner sites is impressive indeed, and I’m sure you’ll find some of your favorites there. Why not join and add some fun to your surfing routine?