Downline Viral Traffic Review

Downline Viral Traffic is a fairly new traffic exchange with some unique features. It offers a standard 10 second timer and 2:1 surfing ratio for free members. There also are text link and banner advertising options, as well as a downline builder and a variety of affiliate tools. This all sounds like a usual traffic exchange so far, so you might ask, what’s so special about Downline Viral Traffic? Indeed, it has some really unique things to offer.

First of all, DVT has a sophisticated tracker that shows where traffic to your referral link is coming from, how many people join, and what’s the conversion rate for that specific traffic source. Second, they give you a detailed Surf History where you can see the last 100 sites you’ve viewed, and report any of them that might be breaking rules. This is a big improvement over TEs which only allow you to report the last webpage you’ve surfed. Finally, the most exciting feature is Activity Rewards.

Activity Rewards system actually allows you to customize your membership level to your needs. You get ARs by surfing, promoting, referring, and winning promotions. Then you can use your Rewards to get a higher surf rate, commission rate, or referral credit rate… Completely free.

That’s about it for the more interesting aspects of Downline Viral Traffic. Upgraded members get even more nice things, like earning credits from an unlimited number of referral levels. I suggest joining Downline Viral Traffic and trying it yourself. Unlike some new exchanges, DVT seems to eat credits and deliver traffic at a reasonably fast rate.