Do Not Convert Your EasyHits4U Cash to a Premium Upgrade

EasyHits4U is the #1 manual traffic exchange, and I’m not just talking about my list. They have over 2,000 people surfing the site at all times, advanced features like geotargeting, great splash building and rotator tools, and so on. The Premium upgrade at EasyHits4U is also well worth it, mainly for the random referrals that it keeps providing.

As much as I love this TE, the point of this post isn’t to praise it. Rather, I want to share a tip in regards to the aforementioned Premium upgrade. EasyHits4U gives you an option to convert your cash balance to an according number of days of upgraded membership. Thing is, you end up paying significantly more for a single day of Premium than you would if you just purchased the 12-month upgrade ($79.95, which comes down to about 22 cents a day).

My point? Withdraw your cash from EasyHits4U and save up for a 12-month upgrade. This will give you the best value for your money.