Everve: a Social Media Exchange

Social media is very popular these days, and there’s a constant competition for likes and follows. Everve can give you an edge over your competitors. With this exchange, you can get views for your website or Youtube video, as well as exposure on the following social networks:

  • Instagram
  • reddit
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Telegram

Conversely, instead of paying for exposure, you can also use your social media accounts to make money!

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Make Money with LegacyResult

The traffic exchange world is abuzz with the launch of LegacyResult (aka LRUN), the newest site from the Legacy Team. I have already been using it for a few days and will share my impressions here.

At its core, LRUN is a traffic exchange, but that’s just a part of what the site offers. The TE itself is not very remarkable, although there’s a modern surfbar which doesn’t cover up the sites until the countdown is over, similar to the one in Traffic-Splash. The timer is 6 seconds for free members and 3 for upgraded, just like in other Legacy exchanges.

The first feature that sets LRUN apart is the command center which allows you to check your credits and commissions in all Legacy sites from one place. You could say LegacyResult is borrowing a page out of TECP’s book, although compared to TECP, the number of TEs you can track is much lower. On the bright site, connecting them doesn’t require typing in passwords – instead, simply enter your LRUN username in your Legacy site profiles.

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Explosive Traffic Co-Op

It has been a while since I joined any new programs since I’m busy enough surfing my current traffic exchanges. However, Explosive Traffic is not a TE, but rather a traffic co-op built with TE surfers in mind. It allows you to get more credits from a wider range of TEs, by surfing the same sites you usually do.

Here’s how it works. You earn credits at Explosive Traffic by sending traffic to the co-op rotator. Then you can use those credits to put your own sites on the rotator, which will be displayed on approved sources around the web by thousands of members.

Why not just advertise your sites in traffic exchanges directly like before? Here are the main pros of using Explosive Traffic:

  • You can surf your favorite TEs, but get traffic from thousands of others. In other words, you reach a wider audience.
  • If you upgrade, you can actually get more traffic than you send (1.2 view for your sites per 1 view you send to the co-op).
  • You can also earn 50% commissions as an upgraded member.

I am already getting traffic to my websites from this program. I am sure it’s going to become huge in the traffic exchange world! Join Explosive Traffic now and try it for yourself.

CBPirate Review

As a member of tens of traffic exchanges, I receive a lot of TE news in my e-mail inbox (thank you GMail for the great Filters system). Today I’ve received several e-mails promoting a new ClickBank product called Clickbank Pirate. Usually I am not one to give in to the hype (in fact, this is only the second CB product I’ve ever bought) but I decided to give it a try. Hey, if this fails to make me money, I can always start complaining and blame the creators of this system! :)

CBPirate, to put it simply, provides you with professionally designed promotional tools for several Clickbank products. The most important of those are squeeze pages (splash pages with opt-in forms for visitors’ name and e-mail). All you have to do is send traffic to the squeeze pages that you are given. In our case, it will probably be traffic from various traffic exchanges – and that’s just fine, too. You can also use forum signatures, e-mail sigs, PPC advertising and whatever else you like.

Some of the visitors that you send to CBPirate squeeze pages will inevitably sign up to receive the free information. That’s it: your job is done! Clickbank Pirate picks up from here and sends out free reports and promotional e-mails with your affiliate links. This way once you get a visitor to signup, you will keep earning commissions from any purchases they make.

You send traffic… They do the hard work. Sure sounds nice. But will it really work? It all boils down to how effective the squeeze pages are (e.g. the conversion rates), especially when everyone will start using them heavily on traffic exchanges. The Clickbank Pirate membership fee is $47 one time payment + $27 a month, so breaking even should be possible with just a few sales.

I just joined a few hours ago so it remains to be seen if this will work for me. It does look pretty promising so far though, and the idea that all you have to do is send traffic sure sounds nice. I’ll keep you updated on my blog.

Go ahead and become a Clickbank Pirate like me. Arrrrrr!