Better than 1:1 Surf Rate with Daily Rewards

Credits earned per click is one of the most important factors determining your surfing efficiency. Everyone wants to earn more while clicking less. Normally, you have to upgrade to get surf rates above 1:1, but with some traffic exchanges, you can do that even as a free member.

The key is a LFMTE mod called Daily Rewards, which provides an increasing amount of credits for surfing just 50 sites every day. It doesn’t take very long, but you do need to login and surf daily, or the rewards reset back to level 1.

Depending on the particular TE, a level 1 daily reward will give you 2 to 5 credits… Hardly worth talking about. But if you can stay dedicated for several months, you will be earning an extra 20-30 credits after finishing your 50 sites, and the maximum level 10 can give you as much as 55 credits. That is in addition to your usual earnings from surfing!

Here is a list of TEs featuring the Daily Rewards mod. You will notice that all of these six exchanges belong to the CashSurfingNetwork, a great program for earning a little extra cash while surfing:

  • LegacyHits
  • SocialAdSurf
  • NinjaSurf

The exact number of credits given differs among these sites, but all of them will effectively give you a 1:1 or better surf rate if you surf 50 sites and claim a level 10 reward as a free member.

In fact, if you want to maximize your surf rate, you will want to surf exactly 50 sites, and not more. Surfing for 0.3 credits per click is a poor investment of your time. After getting your daily rewards, switch to TEs with higher surf ratios – or consider upgrading to earn 1 or more credits with each click.