247TrafficPro Review

The newest addition to my traffic exchange list is a manual surf site called 247TrafficPro. It belongs to the same owners as a great autosurf exchange that I’m a member of, namely 247AutoHits, so it comes as no surprise that 247TrafficPro is a top notch TE as well. It has a nice professional design, fast surfbar and a number of unique features about which I’m going to write in more detail.

First of all, 247TrafficPro has Hover Surfing which allows you to choose the correct shape on the surfbar without actually clicking it: just hovering your mouse over it is enough, and you can even set the delay in your member options (or disable it if you wish so). Actually, that’s what I did since I find clicking to be faster and don’t see much point in Hover Surf at all. However, it’s nice to have the option and I’m sure some members must appreciate it.

Second, we have Activity Levels in which work similarly to those in StartXChange – but with much bigger rewards, I might add. You get activity points for surfing, referring, simply logging into your account, and promoting. You get a tiny number of activity points for promoting all over the web, and a much bigger amount for showing your referral URL in a special set of “approved” manual exchanges. As for rewards, there are weekly jackpots which combine credits, impressions and cash into one sweet prize. Top 10 members split the jackpot depending on the number of activity points that they accumulated throughout the week.

Finally, 247TrafficPro offers more handy additions that some other traffic exchanges have as well such as Private Messaging, a free rotator for promoting your websites using a single URL, personalized splash pages with your own text and picture, and a downline builder.

Overall 247TrafficPro is a very professional traffic exchange that looks great, loads lightning fast, offers great support and is a pleasure to surf due to responsive surfbar and clean sites. It seems to be a bit under the radar compared to the big boys, but that only means it will be easier to get referrals for you if you join right now. And don’t miss the OTOs the first time you login (there’s three offers in total – yearly gold membership, 4 months gold membership and an affordable free trial/discount subscription to Bronze which I picked up).