Best Traffic Co-Ops

CoopMG Co-op with an integrated traffic exchange and ViralTrafficGames. Does not allow any rotators. Only counts traffic from 300+ approved TEs (sources can be excluded for each individual website). 50% cash commissions even for free members.
MaxAdCoop Accepts visits from all manual TEs. An affordable upgrade ($2.97/mo) grants a share in a sitewide traffic purchase program which delivers thousands of additional visits from multiple sources. Offers banner and text link exchanges.
ViralTECoop Accepts traffic from a list of approved manual exchanges only. Tracks click and signup rates for each exchange (upgraded members can choose to only receive hits from top-performing ones). Pays up to $0.50 per 1,000 visits sent to your co-op URL.
TheDownliner Sends traffic from over 18,789 sources including traffic exchanges, PTCs, safelists, and social networks. Repeat hits aren't counted, thus delivering only unique traffic for your credits. Also offers banner and text link advertising, and social media posts.
Explosive Traffic Block traffic from sources you don't like. Flexible upgrades via Account Addons (choose higher earning rate, double commissions, geotargeting, etc). Earn a free upgrade by promoting. Use the same advertising balance for banner impressions.
TrafficG Traffic exchange with an integrated ad co-op. Show your StartPage link at manual TEs with 6+ second timer and earn 0.5 TrafficG credits per view. Geotargeting, banner exchange, highly unique traffic coming from over 500,000 members and promoters.
Mousumi Traffic Sends hits from hundreds of manual exchanges including a number of quality partner sites. Maintains a list of blocked sources. Free members earn 0.5 co-op credit per view; upgraded members get a full 1:1 rate and up to 30% cash commissions.
RapidFireAds Team-based competition with bonus credits gained by promoting your co-op at certain exchanges. Also earn tokens, which can be used to purchase banner and text link advertising or ClickTrackProfit XP.
Legacy Team Coop Block traffic from sources you don't like. Get ClickTrackprofit XP badges for promoting your link. Up to 1.2 credits per view with top-level upgrade. Promotion contests with credits and impressions as prizes.
eTrafficCoop Promote on any manual traffic exchange you like. Default 2:1 credit earning rate can be increased to 1:1 with upgrade. Cash commissions with payouts at $25.

Tips for Using Traffic Co-ops

Traffic co-ops are a great way to get visitors from many different sources while surfing only your favorite exchanges (or not surfing at all, if you choose to upgrade or purchase credits). Here are some ways of using these programs to their full potential:

  • Send any extra traffic to the co-op. If you find yourself earning more credits than you are using at your favorite TE, fill all the site slots and add your co-op links as well. Not only it’s a great way to deal with slow credit delivery, your pages will also get promoted at hundreds of TEs instead of just one.
  • Add your rotator link to the co-op if it’s allowed by their rules. Then you can switch promotions on-the-fly instead of having to login to your account and re-approve the site every time. You can add new, fresh splash pages of recently-launched programs, and blast them across hundreds of exchanges.
  • Consider upgrading for a higher earning rate. This seems rather obvious, but some co-ops will actually give you more than 1 credit per 1 view of your co-op link! This way you can get more credits back than you put in.
  • Avoid additional frames. Invisible rotators are fine, but framed ones will result in a “squashed” site displayed between traffic exchange surfbar, co-op bar, and lastly the rotator bar. It is also usually against the rules to add one co-op link into another co-op. Use direct splash pages or an invisible rotator like which is allowed by all the traffic co-ops listed except CoopMG and MaxAdCoop.
  • Manual only: autosurfs have their uses, but remember to only promote your co-op link in manual traffic exchanges. Some co-ops use a list of approved sites and others a list of banned ones, but all of them are designed with manual visits in mind.