Surfing Clubs & Bonuses

At least 10% credit bonus at Traffic-Splash, Tezzers, DragonSurf, and FarmTraffic. Bonus is frequently increased to 35% or even 100% on certain days. Also has several guest exchanges which benefit from the same bonuses, but are not required to surf.
10% credit bonus (30% for upgraded members) when surfing Soaring4Traffic, RealHitz4U, and HitSafari at the same time. In addition, you earn Power Points which can be converted into advertising or upgrades at the aforementioned exchanges.
GPowerSurf 35% credit bonus when surfing LordsOfLothar, LobbyHits, PowerCashStream, and TopHits4U together. When the GPS progress bar at the bottom of the surfbar is filled, the bonus temporarily increases to 100% on all four exchanges.
NerdSurf 10% credit bonus while surfing four or more of the participating exchanges: ILoveHits, StartXchange, ThumbVu, Sweeva, Surf Skeleton, SiteXplosion, LegacyHits, TopHits4U, and TERacingLeague. Nerd Surfing also grants ClickTrackProfit XP badges.
MEGA Boost 1% to 25% credit bonus if surfing LegacyHits, SocialAdSurf, TERacingLeague, and NinjaSurf together (increases with every additional site, surf all four to maximize it). Also includes MEGA Matchgame with a progressive cash jackpot which grows until its won.

Maximizing the value of your clicks

Surfing "clubs" like Nerd Surf can give you more credits for every click at no cost. Others, like PSC, even let you buy free upgrades at the participating exchanges. It is a good idea to surf these TEs together in order to get the most out of your clicks, and perhaps even win some extra cash.
  • Group them up: bookmark the traffic exchanges in separate folders depending on the surf co-op they belong to. Then you can use "Open All in Tabs" option to start surfing them quickly.
  • Consider upgrading in all the participating TEs if you find that you're getting good results from that particular surfing promo. Upgraded surf ratio combined with the credit bonus will give you some serious traffic.
  • Advertise the co-op rather than each individual exchange. This will help you get referrals at all four (or more) TEs at the same time! It is best to advertise to people outside the surf club; for example, I wouldn't promote Commando Surf at Traffic-Splash, because all members of the site are already aware of it.
There also are several programs which do not offer a credit rate boost, but have other kinds of bonuses for traffic exchange surfers. These deserve a mention as well:
  • TeHeadquarters: play the Hullabaloo game at HotFlashHits and rotating guest exchanges to win cash and JAC Points, which can be redeemed for advertising and other prizes. In addition, complete daily tasks (surfing 100 pages at participating TEs) for guaranteed JAC Points.
  • Zubee Zone: claim Zubee coins on participating TEs and exchange them for advertising and upgrades. Participate in team competitions and get increased claim bonuses.
  • ViralTrafficGames: click the VTG icon and move your character around the game field to earn credits and cash. You can play without logging in, but doing so enters you into VTG tournaments where you can win additional prizes.