Traffic Exchanges with Geotargeting

While geo-targeting is a rather useful feature for a traffic exchange, it seems it never really caught on in the TE industry. TrafficG, for example, introduced geotargeting several years ago, but even now you can almost count the sites which offer this feature on the fingers of one hand. Considering there are thousands of manual TEs out there, this is a very small number. Here’s the unfortunately short list of the ones I know:

On the bright side, all these exchanges have lots of members and can send hits relatively quick. But what if your favorite site, the one you bought a lifetime upgrade at and the one you surf every day, does not have the coveted geotargeting capabilities? As it happens, there are several solutions available.

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Automating Autosurfs: Make Them 100% Passive

One of the main concerns people have about autosurfs is whether they’re worth their time. Certainly, if you have to “babysit” your browser and restart things manually every few hours, it becomes a chore, and low earnings when you’re just starting out don’t help you stay motivated, either. But the main benefit of autosurfing is that it can be completely passive and work even when you’re away from the computer. That’s why you should spend some time automating the whole thing. Then you can sit back and relax, and let automatic traffic exchanges do the work for you.

I have already described a way to launch “no-login” surfbars all at once by setting them as Firefox home page in the Surfing Tips section. Now I’m going to show you one of the ways to set up automatic restarting for your browser, so your PC can run autosurfs for weeks or months with no supervision whatsoever.

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QualityPageViews Review

QualityPageViews is a new manual traffic exchange from the owner of SmileyTraffic. The latter has long been one of my favorites (and one of the more profitable TEs on my list), so joining QPV was a no-brainer. The new site runs on LFMTE script with several mods. You have your basics like banner and text link conversion, free rotator, personalized splash pages, letter collection game, and downline builder. Then there’s also a few more original features: Average Surf rewards, ViralTrafficGames integration, Hangman game, and a Top Promoter contest.

The free membership offers a reasonable 0.4 surf ratio with a standard 10 second timer. This can be boosted to 1.5 credits per click and just 3 second timer with the QPV Extreme membership. The members homepage has a helpful table outlining the features of all three plans (free, Enterprise, and Extreme). The paid plans have a fixed cost and there aren’t any OTOs available., but you can save a little by paying for the whole year in advance.

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How to Make Money with Autosurfs

Many people new to autosurfs join a few sites, surf them for a while, and then leave because they don’t know how to actually turn their traffic into money. Manual TEs also have a similar problem, but at least there’s numerous guides and advice available online about monetizing traffic from those (e.g. “use your credits to build a list”). With this in mind, I wrote the following post on the top 5 ways to make money by autosurfing.

Please note that only legitimate automatic traffic exchanges are listed here. So-called “investment autosurfs” are nothing more but ponzi schemes, and should be avoided. In addition, please remember not to use autosurfs with any ad networks like AdSense – build a basic splash page instead.

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Free URL Rotator

What Is a Site Rotator and Why You Need It

A site rotator is software that picks an URL from a list (either randomly, or based on priority rules) and displays it to the visitor. Rotators are very useful when you want to promote multiple websites using a single URL or do some split testing. If you are a TE user, for example, and want to promote 50 splash pages while the exchange only allows up to 3 websites, you will want to use a rotator. Also, when adding a new URL, you will only have to do it in the rotator itself, and not in the 100s of traffic exchanges that you are a member of!

A sophisticated URL rotator will not only be able to rotate your sites randomly, but also assign priorities (so you can show selected pages more often), track statistics, and even filter domains (meaning if a visitor comes from “site A”, we do not show him pages that advertise “site A”, thus saving credits).

There are a lot of options when it comes to rotators. You can either host your own URL rotator script, or use one of the many online services. When choosing an online service, you usually want to make sure that the maximum number of URLs allowed is enough for you, and the additional features, such as hit tracking, are included.

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