List of Top Autosurf Exchanges

Name Timer Rate Comments
HitLeap * .7 Set the visit length and hits per hour for every URL. Optionally change or hide the HTTP referer.
eBesucher * .8 German site with customizable timer and delivery rate, geotargeting. Can sell credits for cash.
247AutoHits 30 .5 Convert credits to banner and text link views. 50% cash commissions for upgraded members.
20 .5 Top promoter contest with cash prizes. Up to 40% commissions. Play ViralTrafficGames while surfing.
60 1 Earn by autosurfing, watching videos, and giving FB likes. Points can be exchanged for money.
* .7 Custom timer, HTTP referer, bounce rate. Surfing app with integrated Alexa toolbar. Geotargeting.
LinkCollider 30 .3 In addition to autosurf hits, tokens can be used to get social media likes, shares, and followers.
ManyHit 10 .8 Launch unlimited autosurf instances from different IPs. Also has manual surf with cash rewards.
Twistrix * .6 Custom timers, option to customize or hide the HTTP referer. Weekly contest with cash rewards.
AlexaMaster 10 1 Autosurf, Youtube views, FB likes. Geotargeting for VIP members. Exchange points for cash.
10KHits * .8 Custom timer, geotargeting for upgraded members.
FeelingSurf 10 .6 French autosurf with a modern interface and fast delivery. Option to get only unique visitors.
Ablaze With
20 .75 Banner and text link advertising, surfing bonuses. No login needed to start surfing.
Otohits * 1 Custom timer and HTTP referer, site categories. Surf in browser or using a standalone application.
Yibbida 12 1 High surfing ratio. Banner & text ad exchanges. * .5 Highly popular Russian autosurf with custom HTTP referer and dedicated surfing software. * .5 Russian autosurf with custom HTTP referer, 5 referral levels, and dedicated surfing software. * .5 Russian autosurf with custom HTTP referer, geotargeting, and a surfing program. * .5 Russian autosurf with custom HTTP referer, 5 referral levels, and dedicated surfing software.
CrunchingBT 20 .7 German autosurf which lets you convert credits to money. 4-site surfbar for upgraded members. 20 .6 German autosurf with multiple promotion and earning options. Displays up to 4 sites per view.
PageFox 15 .7 German paid to surf site with 5€ signup bonus.
24besucher 15 .7 German autosurf with 8 referral levels. 15 .8 Czech TE with lots of members and fast traffic.
Lautosurf 10 .5 French autosurf with framebreaker protection. 10 .5 French autosurf with framebreaker protection.

List of Top Manual Traffic Exchanges

Name Timer Rate Comments
EasyHits4U 15 1 Pays $0.30 per 1,000 pages surfed and $0.10 per referral. Site & banner geotargeting.
HitLink 4 1 Weekly jackpot with credits, money, and referrals. Regular and Cash Prize surfbars, geotargeting.
MembersRule 12 .4 $0.10 per referral, up to 45% cash commissions. Top level upgrade comes with revenue sharing.
6 .3 Random rewards every 15 sites. Bonuses for surfing four KRM exchanges simultaneously.
8 .4 Cash prizes while surfing, list building ads, up to 50% commissions from referral upgrades.
10 .4 Top promoter and referrer contests with cash rewards. Pays $0.15 for each active referral.
FastEasyTraffic 8 .3 Extended Exposure Ads ensure the surfer stays on your site for the entire duration of the timer.
TrafficSwirl 8 .4 Play various games to win credits and cash. Buy and sell advertising in the marketplace.
TrafficG 12 1 Highly unique visitors, geotargeting, popular banner exchange. Monthly referral contests.
Hit2Hit 6 .5 Rotates sites of upgraded members in 30+ other traffic exchanges. Monthly referral contests.
LegacyHits 5 .3* Daily $0.15 for surfing 555 sites as a part of CashSurfingNetwork. Progressive surf ratio.
LegacyResult 6 .3* Rewards for promoting your referral link. Banner Network provides impressions from multiple TEs.
DragonSurf 7 .3 Popular exchange with generous surf rewards.
Soaring4Traffic 10 .3 Earn PowerSurfCentral bonuses, which include a free one-month upgrade. Letter collection game.
RealHitz4U 6 .5* Weekly cash and credit jackpot. Surfing bonuses.
HitSafari 6 .5 Claim Zubee coins for surfing & simply logging in.
DeepSeaHits 6 .5 Weekly jackpot. 100 free daily bonus credits when you surf HitSafari (and vice versa).
IT247 8 .6* Pays cash to promote your referral link at top TEs.
TrafficAdBar 10 * Unique ladder system which delivers massive traffic to the top members. Text ad exchange.
HotFlashHits 6 .4* Bi-monthly promotion contest with cash prizes. Participant of Hullabaloo game at TeHeadquarters.
TrafficSwarm 20 - One of the largest traffic exchanges online. Surfing by clicking text ads, geotargeting.
TrafficSurf 20 - TrafficSwarm-styled surfing with thumbnails and ratings. Each new site starts with bonus credits.
10 1 Geotargeting, traffic statistics, banner impressions, and gambling for credits.
Sweeva * - Unique system where you have to be the highest bidder in order to get your site seen.
ILoveHits 3 .3* Progressive rate. Surf brackets with credit prizes.
ThumbVu 6 .3 Highly focused on social networking and personal branding. Earn ClickTrackProfit badges.
StartXChange 3 .3 Surf bonuses, banner exchange, and an active forum. Rewards for showing your referral URL.
LordsOfLothar 8 .5 Addictive RPG game with great rewards. Equip items to increase surf rate and reduce the timer.
SocialAdSurf 6 .4 Progressive cash jackpot. Lots of surfing games.
NinjaSurf 6 .3 Integrated mailer and PTC (optional to use).
LobbyHits 3 .3 GPowerSurf bonuses for surfing participating TEs.
10 .5 Customize your membership with Activity Rewards (boost surf ratio & commission percentage).
ClickVoyager 6 .2 Free upgrade for surfing 250 sites on Sundays.
Traffic Hog
8 .5 Free spotlight ad for surfing 25 pages a day. Integrated mailer (optional to use).

Dear TE surfer,

The traffic exchange list above contains all sites that I use myself. The order that they are ranked in is based solely on my personal experience. Some TEs might send very little traffic if used as a free member, but lots if you upgrade. Others might only be worth using if you surf a large number of sites every week (since the more you surf there, the more credits you get per click). It all depends on what you’re looking for, and how much of your time and money you can invest.

That aside, you will still probably want to join a web traffic exchange with a lot of responsive members, great features, high surfing rate and good visitor delivery speed. Those are the most important criteria for traffic exchange ratings in the list above. Just remember that these are merely my recommendations: results may vary. I highly recommend joining the exchanges which I’ve marked as bold first. Other than that, take a look at the timer, surf ratio, and my comments, and visit the TE for more info. Exchanges with extremely slow traffic delivery and other problems are removed from the list regularly. I make every effort to ensure that only quality TEs that are worth your time are listed here.

Please note that the surf rates shown next to the traffic exchanges are for free members. If you upgrade, all TEs without exception will give you more credits per click. Most exchanges also offer surfing bonuses or dynamic rates that increase as you click, so the actual credit earning ratio will be higher than listed here. The * mark usually indicates a dynamic surfing ratio or a variable surf timer.

Happy surfing,
Andrew Po