Top 5 Manual Traffic Exchanges

Use manual traffic exchanges to promote your business, build your list, and grow your downlines. These top five are some of the best, and deliver real, targeted visitors – completely free if you surf, or at a very reasonable price if you prefer to purchase credits.

Name Timer Rate Comments
EasyHits4U 20 1 World's largest exchange with >1.6M members. Site & banner geotargeting, 24-hour unique traffic.
Infinity Traffic Boost 15 0.5 Earn Bitcoin by surfing. Up to 80% commissions. Buy or sell credits for BTC in on-site auctions.
TrafficAdBar 10 * Unique ladder system that delivers massive traffic to the most active members. Text ad exchange.
Finest Traffic 7 0.5 Earn cash by surfing Finest Traffic and other participating exchanges. Daily credit prizes.
Hungry For Hits 8 0.5 Up to 40% commissions. Top Promoter contest with cash prizes. Premium Food Game participant.
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Top 5 Autosurf Exchanges

Autosurfs deliver massive traffic without clicking nor effort. The best ones listed below also provide geotargeting, anonymous or custom traffic sources, adjustable visit length, and more. With these autosurfs, getting a million hits is no longer a dream!

Name Timer Rate Comments
HitLeap * 1 Largest autosurf in the world. Customizable HTTP referer, geotargeting, bounce rate, and visit length.
9Hits * 0.75 Custom timer, referer, user agent. Target by country, platform (desktop or mobile), time of day. Site macros.
eBesucher * 0.8 Customizable timer and delivery rate, geotargeting. Can sell credits for cash. Multi-language site.
LinkCollider 30 1 Use tokens to get Youtube subscribers, Facebook shares, and Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok followers.
BigHits4U * 0.7 Custom HTTP referer, visit duration, geotargeting, bounce rate. Viewer app with multiple sessions allowed.
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My List of the Best Web Traffic Resources

After watching traffic exchanges come and go for years, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites that stood the test of time. The order they’re ranked in is based solely on my personal experience. Some TEs might send little traffic if used as a free member, but lots if you upgrade. Others might only be worth using if you surf a large number of sites every week (since the more you surf there, the more credits you get per click). It all depends on what you’re looking for, and how much time and money you can invest.

That aside, you’ll still want to join a traffic exchange with responsive members, great features, high surfing rate, and good visitor delivery speed. Those are the most important criteria for traffic exchange ratings in my directory. Just remember that these are merely personal recommendations: your results may vary. I highly recommend joining the top five first. Other than that, take a look at the timer, surf ratio, and my comments, and visit the TE for more info. Exchanges with extremely slow traffic delivery and other problems are removed regularly; I make effort to ensure that only quality TEs that are worth your time are listed here.

Note that the surf rates shown next to the traffic exchanges are for free members. If you upgrade, all TEs without exception will give you more credits per click. Most also offer surfing bonuses or dynamic rates that increase as you click, so the actual credit earning ratio will be higher than listed here. The asterisk (*) indicates a dynamic surfing ratio or a variable surf timer. Profitable surfing!