MembersRule Is the New SmileyTraffic

As members of the former SmileyTraffic know, the site underwent a complete redesign back in August. It is now called MembersRule, a quality manual-only exchange that runs on a modern LFMTE script. While it no longer pays $0.03 per 100 sites clicked, there are new ways to earn which make the income potential even higher. Earning cash is what most TE surfers are interested in, so here are the ways to do that at MembersRule:

  • Daily surf reward (currently $0.02 after clicking 250 sites)
  • Average surf rewards (weekly & monthly pay cash)
  • Random cash prize pages
  • Top promoter contest (bi-weekly)
  • Top recruiter contest (monthly)
  • Cash for each referral ($0.10 to $0.25)
  • Cash commissions (5% to 45%)
  • Revenue sharing with Owner upgrade*

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Make Money with LegacyResult

The traffic exchange world is abuzz with the launch of LegacyResult (aka LRUN), the newest site from the Legacy Team. I have already been using it for a few days and will share my impressions here.

At its core, LRUN is a traffic exchange, but that’s just a part of what the site offers. The TE itself is not very remarkable, although there’s a modern surfbar which doesn’t cover up the sites until the countdown is over, similar to the one in Traffic-Splash. The timer is 6 seconds for free members and 3 for upgraded, just like in other Legacy exchanges.

The first feature that sets LRUN apart is the command center which allows you to check your credits and commissions in all Legacy sites from one place. You could say LegacyResult is borrowing a page out of TECP’s book, although compared to TECP, the number of TEs you can track is much lower. On the bright site, connecting them doesn’t require typing in passwords – instead, simply enter your LRUN username in your Legacy site profiles.

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Free Upgrades with PowerSurfCentral

PowerSurfCentral is a surf co-op which comprises of Soaring4Traffic, RealHitz4U, and HitSafari. By signing up at PSC and entering your traffic exchange IDs, you will be able to earn more advertising and even get free upgrades just by surfing.

First, you will get a straight 10% (30% if upgraded) credit bonus when surfing Soaring4Traffic, RealHitz4U, and HitSafari together. Surfing 100 pages a day at these three exchanges will give you 30 credits. Doing so for five days a week will give you 150 credits at each TE, and monthly rewards for surfing twenty days out of thirty are 500 credits!

So what about the free upgrades? You will need to surf 200 pages a day at each exchange and earn Power Points. Daily rewards are 100 points, weekly 500 points, and monthly 500 points again. You can also promote your PSC affiliate links at approved exchanges, and earn even more Power Points. 5,000 of these will convert to a one-month upgrade at either Soaring4Traffic, HitSafari, or RealHitz4U. They come with higher surf ratios, commissions, monthly credits, and even random referrals!

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Better than 1:1 Surf Rate with Daily Rewards

Credits earned per click is one of the most important factors determining your surfing efficiency. Everyone wants to earn more while clicking less. Normally, you have to upgrade to get surf rates above 1:1, but with some traffic exchanges, you can do that even as a free member.

The key is a LFMTE mod called Daily Rewards, which provides an increasing amount of credits for surfing just 50 sites every day. It doesn’t take very long, but you do need to login and surf daily, or the rewards reset back to level 1.

Depending on the particular TE, a level 1 daily reward will give you 2 to 5 credits… Hardly worth talking about. But if you can stay dedicated for several months, you will be earning an extra 20-30 credits after finishing your 50 sites, and the maximum level 10 can give you as much as 55 credits. That is in addition to your usual earnings from surfing!

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RedStagHits Review

It has been a while since I’ve joined a newly-launched traffic exchange, but seeing Red Stag Hits promoted all over the place made me give in. I have now used the site for about two weeks, and I have a good general impression about it.

First, let’s get the basic information out of the way. The exchange is owned by Debbie Nicholson, and uses a modern LFMTE script with a bunch of mods. They have ViralTrafficGames, Zubees (including the Emerald Hunter game), and CTP badges. The site loads nice and fast most all the time, although I’ve experienced some hiccups a few days ago, so it’s not quite as rock-solid as EasyHits4U or other giants. At the time of writing, the exchange has about 2,000 members.

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