Splash Page Advertising in Traffic Exchanges

When advertising in traffic exchanges, you have to remember that most surfers will not be interested in your site. All they want is that traffic credit they will get by waiting a short amount of time (usually around 10 seconds). You can, however, try and get them out of that “clicking zombie” state by using eye-catching splash pages.

A splash page is used to capture the surfer’s attention before they move on to the next site. Here are some tips for creating effective splash pages for traffic exchanges:

1) Write an attention-grabbing headline. It should clearly define what the site or product you want people to see is about. I advice against using cliché headlines like “Discover How You Can Fire Your Boss in 7 Days With This Guaranteed Money Making System™” – most people know already that it’s usually an ad for yet another useless e-book. It’s better to keep it short and simple.

2) Keep it short and tell people what makes you different. A bullet list might work well to outline the most important information that surfers will find interesting. Pique their interest and make them want to take action to find out more about your offer.

3) Keep graphics to the minimum. A lot of traffic exchange users actually surf with graphics off – if they see nothing where a big image should be (a chart with text, for example), they will leave. That aside, a splash page also has load quickly (remember, you only have 6 to 20 seconds – site loading time included). If you absolutely have to add a big image, don’t forget to write an alternate text for it.

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TeCommandPost Review

I have recently joined a cool program called TeCommandPost. You might have heard about it already as it’s being advertised all over TEs – and that’s no wonder, considering all the features it offers for us surfers.

First of all, TeCommandPost is a downline builder for traffic exchanges and related programs. You simply enter your referral IDs and then your TECP referrals will join the exchanges under you. This way you can promote one program – TeCommandPost – and grow your downlines in many traffic exchanges at once.

This alone doesn’t make TECP all that special, however. I mean, there’s already a good downline builder for traffic exchanges called AffiliateFunnel. No, what makes TeCommandPost unique is the fact that it allows you to monitor your traffic exchange credit balances. You just have to enter your username and password once for every exchange (most popular ones like TrafficERA, StartXChange and Traffic-Splash are supported) and then you’ll be able to see how many credits your sites have left on all the exchanges you belong to – all on a single page!

As someone who uses many different traffic exchanges, I really appreciate the time I save by using TeCommandPost instead of logging in to 20 exchanges separately to check how my ads are doing.

If that’s not good enough for you, let’s not forget that TeCommandPost also allows you to monitor your banner and text link balances, as well as provide optional alerts if you credit balance falls below a certain level that you can set freely.

There’s also money to be made. The excellent upgrades allow you to enter more traffic exchanges and referral IDs, provide lifetime banner and text link advertising and increase your commissions. As someone who already upgraded and made more than $100 in commissions in just a few days, I’d like to share a tip with you.

Pay very close attention to the OTO (one-time offer) you will receive when you log on to TeCommandPost for the first time. The Platinum membership it offers comes with unique bonuses and a generous 60% commission rate. If you don’t upgrade, you miss this opportunity forever, as inside the members area only Silver ($9.97 monthly) and Gold ($19.97 monthly) upgrades are offered… But no Platinum.

Regardless of that, you will still find TeCommandPost very useful even as a free member. You will be able to connect your TECP account to up to 10 exchanges and command all your TE ads from one page and save a lot of time this way.

AdsVert Review

This time I’d like to write about AdsVert: a great targeted text ad exchange system from the owner of TrafficG. AdsVert allows you to show simple and neat-looking text ads to a large audience on hundreds of different websites. You can target the visitors both by the interest channel (the topic of the website where the ads are shown), and by their continent or country. The ads can have the background color of your choice or bold titles for more visibility (both cost 0.5 additional credits per view).

To earn the impressions, you simply have to add one of their ad codes to your website. Unlike banner exchange codes, they are very safe since no graphics are included: only simple text ads and hyperlinks. AdsVert offers static and floating ad units of different sizes. Even if you don’t have your own website, you can promote, say, a referral URL: just use the link AdsVert provides instead of your normal referral URL, and a floating text ad unit will be shown on top of it automatically! You can also buy clicks at affordable prices.

The best part about AdsVert is that you can show their text ads inside manual traffic exchanges! You are not allowed to display them inside autosurfs (and your account will be blocked for that), but manual exchanges are just fine. I use them with several of my splash pages to easily get some effective advertising & free traffic!