WebSurf.ru Review – an Autosurf with Custom HTTP Referers

Today I’ve added yet another autosurf to my ever-growing list of automatic traffic exchanges. This one deserves a special mention for numerous reasons. First of all, it’s a Russian site, so you’ll need some knowledge in the language (or just use Google Translate, it’s the 21st century after all). Getting traffic from all over the world and getting more unique IPs visiting your sites can be a very good thing, depending on what you promote. So don’t be afraid to use Russian, German, Spanish, etc. traffic exchanges, as you’ll be reaching a wider audience.

WebSurf offers quite a lot of advanced features, including custom timers (from 30 to 300 seconds), geotargeting (not all countries are available, only the most popular ones), and the option to show your site to 24-hour unique IPs only. But perhaps the most coveted feature is the custom HTTP referer option that WebSurf.ru has. Using this option is free (as in, you don’t have to upgrade) and you can actually add more than 1 referer site and WebSurf will cycle between them randomly. You can also hide referer altogether for “direct traffic”.

Surfing WebSurf.ru is a bit different than your usual autosurf in that it requires you to install a dedicated application, which is available in Russian and English languages. This allows the members to promote a much wider variety of sites which would normally break your usual surfbars. The software itself is very straightforward: just launch it, enter your email and password, login, and it will start rotating websites automatically. It is completely silent, doesn’t hang, and boasts some security features. Still, I run it in a sandbox (using Sandboxie) for additional security, and I suggest you do the same. Don’t forget to use an antivirus, either.

Earn Money with eBesucher Autosurf

eBesucher has long been one of my favorite autosurfs. It offers a quality traffic exchange system, banner advertising, email advertising (completely optional so you won’t get spammed), and even geotargeting. The site is based in German, but is translated into English and Russian as well. It’s rare for an autosurf to be so professional, but it’s a welcome thing for sure.

A new addition to eBesucher will surely delight those who only care about the money and not traffic. It is now possible to convert promotional credits (both autosurf and email ones) into cash. As you might have expected, the exchange rate isn’t all that great: you’ll need a massive, active downline to get significant earnings. Still, it’s more than most autosurfs online offer.

Make no mistake: eBesucher isn’t one of those scam “investment autosurfs”. It is a legit automatic traffic exchange – now with an option to convert credits into money directly.

TrafficSpammer is Now HitLeap

One of my favorite autosurfs, TrafficSpammer, has changed its name to HitLeap. It still has the same great features (custom timer and hits per hour, option to hide the referer) plus it now functions like OxoSurf and similar TEs in that the site and the surfbar open in separate tabs. The main benefit of this system is that framebreakers will no longer interrupt your surfing, meaning you can use HitLeap to drive up the view counts on your Youtube videos and so on.

The good news for existing members of TS is that all links pointing to TrafficSpammer seem to redirect properly to HitLeap, so you won’t lose any signups. I do recommend replacing your old TrafficSpammer banners with new HitLeap ones though, as they use a new design and slogan.

Once again, I highly recommend TrafficSpammer / HitLeap as its the #1 traffic source to TrExList.com (according to AwStats), and they have also paid me over €500 in referral commissions. Joining HitLeap is free, and they have one the cleanest and most simple interface of all traffic exchanges I’ve ever seen.

French Autosurf – Nice Autosurf

This time I’d like to introduce a french autosurf that I joined recently. It’s called nice autosurf and it really is nice since it is very active and has over 100,000 members (meaning more unique hits for you!). Even if you don’t know French (I don’t) you should manage to signup and find the link to the surfbar (it’s called “Lance la visionneuse pour gagner des points”). If you run into any problems, you can always use Google Translate to make sure you understand what the site says. After you signup, it’s the simple deal of starting the surfbar from your bookmarks just like with any other autosurf.

You might wonder why go through the trouble of signing up at a French autosurf, when there are so many English ones around. The thing is, if you are promoting traffic exchanges which give you credits or points for showing their referral URLs on autosurfs, you want to show them to a broad and fresh audience, and more importantly, you want unique IP hits. Same deal with PTPs where you want as many unique IPs as possible. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to get hits from other countries such as France or Germany. Besides, most Europeans are usually taught English as their second language in schools, so if you show your English website on a French traffic exchange, chances are, most people will understand what it’s about.

TrExList.com lists several great foreign traffic exchanges in French, German, Italian, Spanish and more.