Why MaxAdCoop is Quickly Becoming My Favorite

While new to the traffic co-op market, MaxAdCoop is currently at the top of my list. It’s easy to see why. First of all is their earning ratio: for every visit you send to your co-op link, you receive one back, even as a free member! Most sites offer 2:1 or worse. This is why you see MaxAdCoop pages promoted on traffic exchanges by so many people.

Second is the value of their Max Membership. For just $2.97 a month you receive upwards of 5,000 visitors from quality manual traffic exchanges. Compared to programs that offer 500 monthly hits for $10 or more, this is a breath of fresh air.

Lastly is cryptocurrency support. Some program owners just throw their hands up and disappear after losing PayPal support. MaxAdCoop on the other hand implemented ORU and BitCoin payments and came out of it stronger. It’s not quite back to pre-PayPal conversion rate, but I’m earning commissions and getting paid steadily, which inspires confidence in the program’s future.

If you join this month, don’t forget to use the special promo code in the members area that grants 50 bonus visitors and enters you into a drawing for a one-month Max Membership or 10,000 hits.